Today I Felt Okay

I follow this guy because I love laughing out loud. I don’t do LOL or LMAO. I think that’s lame. This guy writes in full sentences. Plus he writes well. Plus he swears more than I do.

Anyone's Ghost

I woke up today and I didn’t feel sad. The weather was shitty, and I had to go to work. But I didn’t mind it so much. One thing went right that if it had gone wrong, might have fucked the entire day up, so that might have been the reason. I am “on call” for lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I never know until about 9:30 in the morning if I am going to have to go in at 11:45 and work lunch. If I had had to work lunch this morning, and then work dinner, I would have probably been in a fucked up place by the end of the day.

I had switched my sleep schedule around because Wife is working overnight at the bakery for Thanksgiving and all. But anyway, that didn’t end up fucking me in the ass like it could have.

But I…

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  1. Ha! You crazy. My first reblog holy fucking shit! Best thing ever. So I was wondering why you weren’t posting much lately and then I realized I wasn’t following you.

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