Bangkok, Thailand

I own a skull ring. I wear it everyday. Have I told you that? One day I think I’ll buy myself a Vespa. It would be cool to ride it wearing my favorite green leather jacket but it’s bloody hot in Bangkok even in December. I was walking home last night after a dinner of khao pad gai, pad pak ruam and a bottle of Singha at a street food stall along Suan Phlu, and it hit me that thing that hits you when you live in a new place. I realised that the city hadn’t quite digested me…

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. I will try to make you envious by saying that I have a Vespa NV at my home 😉

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  2. A skull ring! Great. Skulls are awesome.

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  3. Cool – a skull ring and a Vespa. I have a belly ring. Does that count?

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  4. Just don’t let it spit you out …

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