ok so i think he’s sexy too…

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I’d sleep with Russell Brand if he promised me pillow talk politics.

I don’t like masquerading lists as posts because that’s lazy writing and makes me suspect you’ve run out of things to write about. But I am feeling quite lazy on this breezy Southeast Asian Saturday morning and I have run out of easy posts to write. The ones in my draft folders are about the dodgy PR industry and its links to climate denialists, and democracy indexes, not easy reading and a pain in the arse to write, and I’m just not in the mood for that today. Because today is Saturday and I’m sitting in a coffeshop that I promised I would stop patronising because it sits next to The Ritz Carlton. My local is full of families and couples having their brunch, and I have a sort of unspoken understanding with the manager that I won’t take up space during the weekends to do whatever it is I do on my laptop. So here I am at fucking Dean&Deluca. No, wait, I can’t do this. Hold on a minute…

Ok. Here I am at my second least favorite coffee shop. Starbucks. Fuck. Is this the best Sathorn’s got? Good local coffee shops are a sky train ride away to Sukhumvit and I can’t be bothered because it’s a Saturday and all I want to do is write.

So Starbucks it is for maybe the half an hour it takes to write this post and I’ll order a small cappuccino. No croissant. Or those yummy skinny banana muffins. Because Starbucks is a tax dodger and I think it’s lame to call anything skinny. Now where was I? Fucking Russell Brand. And lists. I spent last night watching The Messiah Complex a second time. It’s Brand’s latest stand-up comedy tour and I was cat content curled up on my sofa with a glass of rosé. I came across a post yesterday about Brand going up against Nigel Farage in a BBC sponsored debate. (To contextualise this for non-Brits, Farage is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) whose platform centres on the burden immigration places on public services.) Apparently Brand wasn’t his usual effervescent irreverent self. He tends to get nervous when he’s interviewed by pro-establishment people. Not surprising because they like to trip him up. The agenda is to expose him as someone unqualified to speak on big issues because he’s, well, a comedian. Judging from the views his show The Trews gets, I understand why those in power worry. But the Brits can’t dump all the hopes of the nation on Brand and expect him to perform flawlessly every single fucking time.

Now for that bloody list. Here’s half a dozen Trews episodes I’ve enjoyed. Not my favorites in the sense that I can’t be bothered to go through all 200+ episodes and select my top 10. But these here are the ones I watched recently with my morning coffee and croissant in lieu of AlJazeera. Brand is so fucking addictive. That’s it folks. Nothing terribly deep about this post. Feeling quite light today…

1. CIA Torture Report: What should we think?

2. Parklife: 90-year-old arrested for feeding homeless

3. How do we deal with police violence?

4. Can we ditch capitalism?

5. Who are politicians truly representing? 

6. Farage vs Hannity: Right-Wing Lovers?

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  1. He is a pretty smart guy…

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  2. Fucking Russel Brand? No, thanks.

    I’d rather do Natalie Portman… 😉

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  3. estelea

    Police violence is a great one, especially in the US now .. As much as I try not to plunge in the news anymore, it s sometimes stronger than me . Will leave you this Russell, and go for Crowe. If I need an intellectual shot, I ll get a book 😉

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  4. He has a couple of funny jokes, but I seriously doubt I’d fuck him.

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  6. I just love him (Brand). Because of him, I started blogging in the first place. He has a wonderful way with words.

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