because we all happen upon death

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My skull ring. It’s the last thing that comes off at night, and the first thing that goes on in the morning. I fancy telling you it’s because I’m a rock and roll chick and I listen to death metal for breakfast. But really it’s for more mundane, more prosaic reasons. It’s there to remind me that we all happen upon death. All this is fragile. It helps me stay mindful and keeps me off the valium.

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. We’re all piñatas. We’re made and filled with candies, and we’re all hang in there, waiting for our turn to see that blindfolded maniacal kid called Death coming to us.

    That’s one way to see it.

    We’re all here waiting for the gorgeous Gothic chick with the silver Ankh pendant on her neck to come and take us home.

    That’s the other way to see it.

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  2. My mortality is something that’s never far from my mind. Some days the knowledge freezes me in my tracks. Other days I’m able to be mindful and get on with things. I hope Death is kind to me when she finally comes to collect.

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  3. You’ll have to wear one on each hand if you get that motorbike you been talkin about. Also I think wearing it to remind you of death is even more badass than wearing it because it’s rock and roll.

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