verging on notoriety: an interview with the babe

i’m famous now because Fred Colton wrote about me.

Fred Colton


The Babe is a Crusader who I am pretty sure is a woman, and not a man pretending to be a woman online, but since she’s anonymous there are really no guarantees.

Anyway, she has a raw, wish-I’d-thought-of-that blog here ( that betrays endless practice and is packed with flashes of beauty. I’ve been following it for a little while, so I asked her to tell me some secrets. Some from her life, some about her craft. Let’s do this. She’s underlined.

*Begin Transcript

First drink is here; cheers. Banter is king so let’s start with that.

Babe, you hold a passport from somewhere yet currently you reside in Thailand.

You are an expat mostly because: I can’t stand living in familiar territory. I intend to live in as many countries as possible before Death comes knocking with her skull ring. I think Neil Gaiman portrayed…

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