six word story no. 5

IMG_2460 2

then his art gave him away.

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. You can certainly tell a lot about someone by what they read, listen to, and hang on their walls.

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  2. Erm, sorry to be blunt, but your six word stories are just so fucking good, mate, I can’t even think up one- you are the Queen Babe of 6WS! X

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    • Oh also, totally forgot to reply to your collab request, whoops – I’m a total fraud and rarely use my own artwork on my site (I don’t really understand sourcing properly, usually if you click on whatever artwork I’ve included it links back to the source, so you could contact the owner directly).

      So, I can’t help you with pics but if you wanted to do a collab with the written word any time, I am game. Love from London Towwwwwnn xx


    • wow thank you. it’s a mood thing. plus i use my own photos so it’s instinct more than anything.


  3. Andy

    What is with the White socks?

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  4. Whatever the artist drinks I want some…

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