i don’t smoke

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. Unconventional poem. Nice. the last line does provokes a call for action -> to smoke hehe 😛

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  2. I never learn either, seemingly. Oh well, maybe someday.

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  3. Yeah, I’d lose it too. Really like this one, Babe!

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  4. It’s never a happy ending.

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  5. Lightning fast meditation in Asian traffic is something I’ve done a lot. Now, at this moderately unadvanced age of mine, I’m already prepared for death.

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  6. Brilliant, and clearly, you do learn 😉

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  7. estelea

    I never understood the magic of some words simply put together. I never want to understand how it works. I dont know why this poem touched me, the BGK vibes, the beauty of the futility.. I had to smile at your mani ruined by the laundry. Although I bet the contrast between the white clothes and the black nails must have been stunning.
    The music you wrote today was divine, thanks for the present.

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    • Thanks, I don’t know why either. This was written very quickly and I didn’t think it was one of my best but folks seem to like it. I think perhaps beneath the words there’s a certain ‘feel’ that eludes even the writer…. And yes the ‘beauty of futility’ is something we all understand.

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  8. This is brilliant — both the poem and the photo.

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  10. Your blog has on so beautifully since I last checked in; it is looking so refined. X


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