love and money

‘Because liking is like buying, only it doesn’t cost a thing.’

Every time I post, I feel I’m on a shelf and I’m waiting for you to notice me, to pay the small price, and take me home. I hope you don’t regret your purchase.

girl in the hat

banksy 1

When I saw this film clip of the recent stunt in which Banksy, who’s doing a much-hyped artist’s residency on the streets of New York this month and whose name is being tooted and trumpeted by every loud voice, set up a stall in Central Park and sold authentic, signed spray art canvasses (which could sell for a very, very pretty penny) for $60 a pop and netted only $420, when I saw this film clip, all my feelings of delight and outrage were eclipsed by one thought: This is a perfect story to describe the vagaries of the art world; this is the parable of the contemporary artist.

banksy 4At first, I thought the story went something like this: Once upon a fine day in the park, the crowds skip past by a little stand displaying an array of paintings. The people stroll by without stopping or even turning…

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