I Used the Word Dithyramb In a Post and All You Care About Is This Crazy Chick Who Lives in Asia

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I like that thing about being a crack in the wall that becomes a canyon. That’s cool…  Ah, Flanders is the bees knees.

Anyone's Ghost

This post is an interview with the unnamed creator of Listen to the Babe. I wrote a thousand word intro to this interview which dealt mostly with how charismatic I am. I cut it, but trust me, I am still charismatic as fuck. Satisfy your need for proof of that with these masterpiece ass blog archives right here.

Did I really have to meet she-who-will-not-be-named in order to get these answers? No. Did I travel five thousand and seven miles to do it anyway? Yes I mother fucking did.

I found her inside a lean-to made of imported bamboo; she was writhing, in the throes of an ecstatic vision. She was screaming some kind of improvised dithyramb that sounded familiar and yet not at all familiar. She had a migraine, and she told me to leave.

Unfortunately, I had to work later and there was no time for pleasantries.


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  1. Fucking awesome. Now I feel like I know you even less! 😛

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