Luma, a short film by Sohini Tal and Carmel Ben Ami, captures a poignant coming of age in a screened off world. It’s short so you can watch it now.

source: slippery edge

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  1. Beautifully observed. I fully believe that this story wouldn’t have been nearly as engaging if it hadn’t been told through the medium of animation. Their use of body language is sublime, and the surreal bit where she dances then free falls with her blood is brilliantly done too. She’s celebrating entering womanhood. Very very cool.

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  2. I kind of don’t know what to make of this. It was definitely engaging but maybe a bit to surreal for me. Reading the comments, I do get a celebration on the entering of womanhood but I also felt like she was isolated in this event, like she was ignored by her parents.

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    • Her parents are cut off from her and each other by their ‘screens’. I think this isolation is the first surreal image in the film. I remember in HK it’s quite common to see friends eat together but engage with their screens and, only as an aside, each other. I thought that was very surreal.


  3. I really liked this. Beautiful symbolism.

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