Objective 1: Kill… Objective 2: Fuck… Objective 3: Reconsider Objectives

well written, tongue-in-cheek, relevant, and did I say well written? an alternative to the pro-establishment and pro-war diet. oh, but it’s Flanders again…

Conceited Crusade

This Week’s Prompt: James Bond

Things were simple for Sean Connery. Back then there were only so many ways to get your information, so I assume there were only so many ways of thinking about the world. I guess a few people travelled and realized things were complicated out there, outside the movie theater. But probably a lot of people figured you got bad guys and you got innocents and you got Sean Connery. Nowadays everyone’s a bad guy, pretty much. James Bond can’t be sure if he’s saving lives or saving a corporation a few dollars on spools of bubble wrap. I guess they’re pretty much the same thing.

I guess they got the ugly dude to play James Bond because they’re trying to stay relevant. I don’t know why anyone would take a role after Sean Connery got done with it. Then again, I am prejudiced against ugly…

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