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I have come across many knee-jerk posts about Paris, watched as they lingered and got stuck in emotional quicksand: fear, pain, anger, and finally hate. Exclamation marks were profuse. This is natural for those directly affected by the incidents in Paris. The rest of us though are not cut this slack. We have a responsibility to explore the ‘whys’ in this narrative, because if we don’t, we abandon this issue to politicians who are already overburdened with conflicting interests.

The video below by Owen Jones is a good place to start. When you’re ready for more information, read Robert Fisk, a journalist based in the Middle East and has been reporting on ISIS for a while. He has both facts and insights about the chaos in the region, and why and how it spreads.

Whatever it is you do, feel, believe in, peace.


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  1. Makes sense to me, but that would have to be what you wrote as opposed to the video which I can’t watch right now. I like to leave comments when that happens…as a reminder to go back.

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  2. There’s really nothing meaningful I can add to all of this except to say that I agree with you. For as long as we hold onto the “us vs. them” mentality, there will always be an us vs. them mentality. The human race is no longer in its infancy. We need to do better. All of us.

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  3. Thanks for the video and a place to start.

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