je suis une chienne


i watch a man and woman argue, he’s farang and she’s Thai, she’s shrieking in Thai, and that in itself is unusual because Thais rarely raise their voice, but she’s a banshee, you don’t know what a banshee is, i don’t know either, i have to google it, ok, here it is: a banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, so there, we learned something new, but i was lying, i knew what it meant, i wanted an excuse to stop typing, I wanted to stop writing because it hurts, today, because the couple fighting is a screwdriver to the liver, she’s saying he doesn’t listen, i know enough Thai now, she says his dick is small, he’s English, so he’s not equipped to handle public confrontations, what he should do is slap her, but we’re not supposed to slap women even when they deserve it, we’re not supposed to call them a cunt either, the staff of the cafe are Thai so they look on in bewilderment, they look at me, they think I might know what to do; I think: do I really want to be involved? these fuckers love each other, you know how I know? because she’s crying, women don’t cry in public unless they’re at crucifixions, and the man, he looks lost, he’s got a wife and a kid, he didn’t mean to fall in love, he wasn’t looking for this beautiful Thai who loves the awkward shape of his cock, doesn’t mind that he talks too much, who finds his laugh a gurgling water fountain, so she hangs on, even when he’s married with a kid, because good souls they’re scarce like old women pushing trolleys,


Art by Hoda Rostami

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. meganmilesauthor

    Wow!!! This is searingly good, babe! …loves the awkward shape of his cock– good souls are scarce– brilliant! This one is so good.

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  2. Is he a good soul to be having an affair on his wife and kids? In any case, a beautifully rendered portrayal.

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  3. Andy

    Poor farangs, with their weird looking yet satisfying cocks.

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  4. Jessie Martinovic

    What a white, write! Loved it

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  5. I believe that one can be a good soul… and still manage to get themselves into troubles of the heart. Stupid heart.

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  6. Ohhh… I really like this one.

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  7. Sweet. Very nicely done.


  8. TOT everyday occurrence in Thailand

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