tortuga island


brilliant poem about boredom and ugly people…

art by Jarek Puczel

resonant bell world

don’t ever
allow yourself
to get used to things

it’s how everyone
got so bored
and so greedy

scouting fish
off the island,
several drinks in,
lacking a lifejacket,
jagged rocks magnetic
with afternoon current
doesn’t scare me

what scares me
is going back to the boat
wheretony from michigan sits
too quick to talk about
his wife who isn’t here and
how he’s an investor but
also a wine connoisseur who
flies airplanes and
vacations in italy

tony got used to things
and is the ugliest person
i’ve ever met

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writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. Don’t ask me why but I really love the last three lines. 😛

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  2. At the end of reading this I actually said aloud, “Fucking Tony, man.” We all have Tonys in our lives.. this is a great reminder to push all Tonys overboard. Thanks Babe! Xx

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  3. Definitely worth reading!

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  4. I am listening to the babe. Good one!

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