have you seen gordon flanders???

EH 1392N

So a fellow writer on Conceited Crusade has gone rogue. A semi-feral loose in New York. I’m not worried— he was always a ghost of a ghost in my machine. And yet, it’s been a while and I miss hearing from him. 

I think he fancies himself Hemingway but I can’t confirm the resemblance: he uses a pseudonym and is extremely camera shy. So there’s only his blog to go on. I realise this isn’t much, still anyone with news on the great-but-mad-as-a-bag-of-ferrets Gordon Flanders, do drop me a note. And if you see him, approach as you would a street cat.


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  1. Of course I haven’t seen him since I’m nowhere near New York, but just wanted to say that his blog is excellent.

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  2. Hm. So, he’s skittish then? I’ll keep that in mind… 😛

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  3. meganmilesauthor

    I’ll keep an eye out here on the east coast 😉

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  4. I need to get so good at blogging that other bloggers blog about it when I take a break.

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  5. This didn’t get a response? Flattery and a whole post about him? Weird.

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  6. Hey, what email do you use to contact flanderoo?


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