you don’t believe in fukú but fukú believes in you

Hello there, I’m back, not that it’s big news, important news, but I wanted to say hello.

I’ve recently added another group blog to my glowing list of underachievements. It’s called Hijacked Amygdala: a blog by mad people for mad people. I’ve just posted my first fiction piece, you don’t believe in fukú but fukú believes in you. You must drop by and let me know what you think and explore excellent posts by–

Andy Lewis, Tony Single, Gordon Flanders, and Ashley Lily Scarlett. There’s more coming from Laura Gabrielle Feasey, The Feathered Sleep, The Magic Black Book, Alekos Salter, Anna Spoon and Johnny Roger Schofield.

It’s good to be back. x


you don’t believe in fukú, but fukú believes in you,

that’s what she said, as her fingers smoothed out the wrinkled edges of a paper coaster, damp from spilt beer. 

It was quarter to six on a Tuesday, when the pub was usually empty and Max, the bartender, and I indulged in our monosyllabic conversations, which I found soothing for their brevity and clarity…

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Art by Sofia Bonita

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writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. Glad you are! Wondered where you’d been. 😃

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  2. The new site is shaping up fantastically. 🙂

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  3. It’s good to see you back babe. This short story makes me feel like someone is squishing marshmallows somewhere.

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  4. Just finishing Oscar Wao, saw the word and started seeking. Can’t follow this new blog tho! Grrr.

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