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Here’s my latest fiction on Hijacked Amygdala. While you’re there, stay and read Unchanged Razors, a daring poem about big, black balls.

hijacked amygdala

197319-7 art by emma vakarelova

They made love with the air conditioning turned off even when it hit 40 degrees celsius, the warmest summer on record. The smell of their sex hung in the air with the humidity.

Juan lay on his stomach, his face buried in her shoulder, and Nina was on her back staring at the ceiling. Even after a week, she had been unable to orgasm. Juan was diligent but Nina grew frustrated with the desire that built up inside her. It made her think of how they used to race uphill to the waterfall, how the climb made her heart pound so hard it drowned out the birds. They didn’t slow down as they reached the rock face from which they leapt. They flew into the wind, and the blue of the water and the sky bled into each other. But there was never any anxiety. Gravity…

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