his mother screams at his father
he can’t make out the words
they are gutted
a fishbone buried in your throat
walls are thick
but ear pressed against the uterus
he hears her say
i’m invisible.
he wonders why she says it like it’s
a bad thing.

© listentothebabe

Photograph by Elsa Cloud

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. Yes. Being invisible can be a good thing. No one can survive having eyes upon them 24/7.

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  2. This is wonderful, babe…imaginative, original, puzzling–Worth reading more than once.

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  3. Sad and wonderfully put. It’s nice to be invisible, but only if you can come back I think.

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  4. Love the perspective shift.
    The story made me sad:(
    Really well done.

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  5. Whew, do I remember feeling like this as a child. Invisibility would’ve been a blessing at times. Instead I just developed a shell I could hide in.

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  6. This is great. So much in it. From being invisible and still listening, to mentioning that an unborn baby takes it all in… wonderful…

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  7. I’m* fairly sure he’s heard the love, too.

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  8. B

    Favorite thing I’ve read in a bit…

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  9. thefeatheredsleep

    How and WHY did I miss this? Did I tell you I LOVE your work? Yeah I think maybe fifty times, but damn that’s not nearly enough .So I say it again, and again, and again. If I didn’t know it was YOU I’d still know it was YOU and that’s how good YOU are. Yeah. Yeah. Damn.

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    • Haha thank you for your faith. When I no longer have the words I will reread this comment and know that once I had them.

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      • thefeatheredsleep

        Sweetheart, you still do, but like any real writer you go in circles at times watching water go down the drain, going down with it, rising up, or sometimes not. It is the nightmare of inspiration. Our equal muse, Bukowski said write even when you don’t want to even if it’s shit because it keeps you on the path, I guess that is true but easier said than done if you know it’s not your best. When you write you write GORGEOUSLY and that is what matters most. Not everyone writes all the time, in fact some people shouldn’t ! 😉 I hope selfishly that you do write soon because I miss your work but I get to read it on HA a little which is good and meanwhile, I am your sister in poetry xo

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  10. Nice perspective! Ingenious. Like the fishbone and really like how the words are “gutted.”

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