they were early, this morning, they obliterated the sun, what time is it, it can’t be time yet, because the farang are out in the streets with their beer bottles held loosely in hand, cackling as if jellyfish didn’t sting, no, it isn’t morning yet, but it is, i watch the jellyfish drift in the sky like dandelion seed pods

© listentothebabe

Art by Rom Villaseran

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. You see them up there too then…I knew I wasn’t crazy.

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  2. I fucking adore your writing, Babe. It just PUTS me there, you know? Jellyfish in the sky… I dreamed about that once. Such a potent image.

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  3. Andy

    Ah, you and your Jellies.

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  4. B

    That was fun 🙂

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  5. Wonderful images and punctuation … I always wonder, where are they going, the jellyfish?


  6. Oh my! Don’t release your brain jellies into the sky, you know they can be deadly if they land on someone with no literary taste!

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