mum said there were no monsters


but they came out from under fitted sheets
unhooked themselves from
steel hangers.
the ironing board that slipped out of a little cupboard
lyrics to Michael Jackson
when he was black.
we’re soft
if you grip us under the arm
right below the axilla.

© listentothebabe

Art by xxfromneptune

About listentothebabe

writing is the teeth that gnaw on my bones.


  1. Oh boy, haunted by the ghost of Michael Jackson…


  2. thefeatheredsleep


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  3. Oh, yes. They live in every house, every closet, every cardboard box. The music varies, sometimes isn’t even music, but you got the timing right, for sure.

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  4. meganmilesauthor

    This is harrowing. When he was black, haha


  5. Did everyone else know what axilla meant? Monsters, they’re always under the fitted sheets.

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  6. Such strong, vivid imagery in this poem, and the sounds and the rhythm of the lines so lovely. I also keep meaning to tell you how much I love the artwork you pair with your texts.

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  7. Creepy.. I always knew that ironing boards were possessed.

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