dead things

My flash fiction piece for the week on Hijacked Amygdala. Proceed with caution. Photography by Ashley Lily Scarlett.


A wave dumped a dead jellyfish on the sand beside her, where she was building a planetary alignment of starfishes. She poked the jellyfish with her shovel, and because it reminded her of her cat that died a few months ago, she dug a grave for it. When she was done, she stood over it for a while.

The hair on her arms began to rise. The summer storm her mother promised had landed. She scooped up her dolls and shovel and ran back to the house. She paused just inside the front door, tilted her head and listened to the onslaught that drowned out all other sounds.

Is that you, Maya? her mother’s voice drifted from a room. Come here.

Maya left her toys in a crate by the door. When she entered their bedroom, her eyes flew to the eagle perched on top…

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  1. As I already said: This is an excellent piece of writing.

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  2. jillianmrks

    Moving and visceral. Excellent!

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  3. B

    Had to read that one twice. Nicely done.

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