it takes half an hour to get home

it takes half an hour to get home, my flash fiction for the week on Hijacked Amygdala, inspired by the art of Silas Schletterer.


On the train, where she is fortunate to find a seat, Mina stares at her brown feet. The high-heeled pink toed pair next to her is intent on putting her to shame, but Mina is not easily intimidated. She slides her feet forward so her scarred limbs stretch between the legs of standing passengers. A man looks down at her foot, then at her, discomfited that her heel leans against his black leather shoe. She stares back at him, he looks away.

The train’s android voice tells Mina that hers is the next stop. Slowly she pulls up her legs, rubbing her calf against his. The man pretends he is staring out the window.

Her route home includes a ten minute walk from the train station. She’s disappointed that it isn’t raining because she remembered to pack an umbrella.

originally published on hijacked amygdala

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  1. jillianmrks

    Keep going…


  2. The ephemeral yet intense intimacies of strangers…

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